According to the statistics, online casinos that offer online sportsbook generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year. Popular online sports betting Singapore that players can start betting on include the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Among the sports that are storming the world betting market, tennis betting through ITF, WTA, and ATP tournaments is one of the best games to try.

However, if you are a beginner and are wondering what bet you can use then this is the answer for you. The 5 best types below will definitely help you understand and analyze more carefully the types of bets you should use. Let's take a look around with us!

Top 5 Bet Types for Beginners

1. Money Line Betting

This is not a simple bet for beginners. Because money line betting is how players will bet on who will have the opportunity to win the game completely. If you use this method then make sure you have to calculate it carefully to be able to use it well.

For example, there are two players in the match, called A and B. The money line of A is -200 and the money line of B is +140. This means that B is the underdog while A is the favorite. if you bet on A then you need to bet $200 to save $100 to win. In case you bet on B $ 100, you will have a chance of getting $140 if B wins.

A beginner often thinks that this method is too simple and easy. But actually, this kind of bet is not as simple as that. Because you can face a lot of risks with a large amount of money that you are willing to spend to get a worthy profit.

However, money line betting is one of the easiest ways to bet on a tennis match. All you need to do is create a suitable plan, detail and bet completely on the player you think will win. As such, you can avoid any risks that you may face when participating in online tennis betting.

2. Set Betting

Compared to money line betting, this is a type of bet that requires more complexity. When using this method, you not only bet on a player who is sure to win but also bet on how many sets the player will win.

For example, for set betting, the odds will appear as follows:

- Roger Federer 2-0 +250

- Roger Federer 2-1 +220

- Novak Djokovic 2-0 +120

- Novak Djokovic 2-1 +150

As we have seen, the score of 2-0 or 2-1 is the match ratio that the players win. You will have to choose a player that can win 2 sets to 1 or 2 sets to none. This type of bet requires the player to select an accurate result, so players will usually find better odds than betting the winning player as soon as the game starts.

The payouts are attached to money lines, so you can get $ 120 for every $ 100 bet if you bet on Djokovic to win 2-0.

According to the rules of the Grand Slam tournament, for men’s matches are best-of-five sets, while women’s matches are best-of-three sets. Therefore, for men's matches, you will have more chances to bet than women and may get more results.

3. Set Spread Betting

Every sport has a common way to bet. by betting through the spreads and fixed-odds a team can get to beat an opponent. If that's the way you're familiar, keep betting on wagering set spreads.

When using this method, the underdog will be defeated by the favored player according to the number of targets set. So, right from the start of the tournament and start to bet think about what is an underdog.

4. Game Spread Betting

Unlike other bet types, you have to thoroughly understand this bet as well as have basic knowledge of tennis. If a player can win from games 1 to 6, he will win a set. However, to be able to secure victory, they need to win at least two sets. therefore, if the result is 6-5 then the winner needs to move to game 7 and win 7-5. then, the new player is counted as completely winning. in the case of a tie 6-6. the player who can win in game 7 will be the winner in that set.

Game spread betting is like setting spread betting. The only difference is that betting is based on the number of games. Meanwhile, the underdog must be defeated and the favorite win must be greater than the number of games already available.

5. Over / Under Number of Games Played

Unlike other bet types, for this bet type, the player does not need to consider which player wins or loses in a match. Basically, an online sports betting game requires a line for the combined number of games to be able to complete the match successfully.

After that, you will have to choose the type of under or over a number of games for which the games are predefined. Accurate and accepted scores after a match end with a winning player being 6-3 and 7-5. Therefore, all the number of games the player has is 21.

If the result of predetermined over/under on the number of games played is 20.5, you will win if you select Over while you will lose if you choose Under.


Above are some bet types that beginners should dig into. Hopefully, you can apply this information to online tennis betting and win big. Please choose a reputable dealer to have the safest and wonderful experience. Online casino Singapore Bet88sg is one of the top online sports betting options that you can try. Good luck!

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