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This week, go with us on an task from Spain to Ancient Greece! 

Begun with a visit to Spain at La Fiesta with Relax Gaming. This is certainly one of Relax Gaming's maximum latest video games with the subject of this severa state celebrations. This new sport with numerous highlights and 4 free flip rewards. 

Demo Gods IV from Spinomenal is a Greek-time experience rotating round divine beings. This is the most recent arrival of a development of Greek-themed video games making use of Power Spins. Keeps on being a Greek legend - Medusa Fortune and Glory from Dream Tech with novel highlights and free twists with exponential multipliers. The closing goal all through the contemporary week's trip is the Push Gaming's Mystery Museum. The possibility to win Power Gamble is putting tight for you at the most lofty betting. How about we examine greater subtleties with us


1. La Fiesta By Relax Gaming 

We must travel to Spain and be part of the quality birthday celebration! This most updated person from Relaxing Gaming has a shiny interface with numerous top notch images and motion. Also, the charging bulls are one of the adrenaline of Pamplona. Unquestionably, this could be a awesome day trip for you. 

La Fiesta is an exciting game with 3D symbols with numerous colorings. These symbols will take you to well known street celebrations: Pamplona and Bunol. These celebrated avenues are the every year 'Running of the Bulls and Tomatina' celebrations. This is one of the fantastically regular social highlights of Spain. 

La Fiesta images incorporate bull, rose, darkish pony, and Falleras Free Spins include. 

To have the option to initiate four free twists rewards, you have to gather a unique picture on reel five and three disperses. What's extra, tremendous highlights - Falleras Free Spins is likewise an additional element. It possibly shows up whilst a rose is on the reel. 

You may have the chance to get 7 loose twists while claiming uncommon clingy wilds in La Tomatina. Also, on the off chance that you may collect bull photos stacked on head of the reels, you will get an possibility to get extra successes. Plus, you could likewise get five loose games in Pamplona's loose twists whilst amassing the ones bull pics. 

When you notice a dark pony showing up at the display screen with San Joan free twists. This photograph is viewed as a wild image with a really worth equal to a dynamic multiplier. This picture may be very unusual, it moves alongside each reel even as status successes. Specifically, this photo just indicates up inside the middle of the reel respins. Each turn will come up with a multiplier. Prior to vanishing, the dark pony will provide you with a remaining respin with an additional 1x multiplier. 

Loosen up Gaming's new tenderfoot is certainly a super recreation for any player who wishes to have a domestic go to. Join La Fiesta currently to have the nice information! 

2. Demo Gods IV via Spinomenal 

Motivated by using the lords of Greek folklore, Spinomenal has brought the fourth game in their Demi Gods association. This online space recreation is evaluated as one of the finest buzz video games in the association. 

With sharp illustrations, lovable visuals, epic sound, this 6-reel space is actually a game to strive this week. There are many stacked photos with greek topics on this sport. The brilliant loose twists spotlight might be resolved after you turn the wheel 

By having prevailing mixes of extra pics on reel 1 or 6, you will have the option to enact free twists. 

What's more, you can likewise get different attractive highlights, for instance, a Power Spin, a success multiplier, matched up reels, and further free twists. On the off risk which you make use of the Power Spin highlight, the photos of low an incentive on reels 2,4,five might be erased in unfastened twists. 

Plus, you additionally have the risk to overhaul your free flip praise while utilising the Buy Feature alternative. Demi Gods IV has some other new and brilliant component - the adjusted reels spotlight. This element lets in you to make a monster photo with extremely good prizes by using synchronizing reels 2,three,4 to reels having a similar really worth. 

On the off hazard which you are a devoted devotee of Demi Gods spaces, you won't have the option to skirt this game. Attempt it these days! 

3. Medusa Fortune and Glory by using Dream Tech 

The following is an experience to another Greek myth. Medusa Fortune and Glory with the aid of Dream Tech is the maximum current transport and gets the possibility to get incredible among other on line space video games this week. 

It is considered because the most current adaptation of Yggdrasil's YGS Masters stage. With the most recent highlights inclusive of two free twists rewards and masses of extra wilds or win multipliers symbols. Enlivened with the aid of Ancient Greece, this exciting at the net starting recreation includes 6 reels and 4096 exceptional methods to win. 

In there, there are very fantastic snap shots, as an example, Gorgon Medusa, wilds, additional wilds or fundamental photos, as an example, 10, J, Q, K, A. Wherein, Gorgon Medusa is applied as the wilds and spreading wilds can likewise show up, at that factor upload 1-three additional wilds to every reel. You could have the choice to initiate loose twists at the off chance that you land three greater pix. In loose twists, you will have the option to get one in every of two highlights: prize multipliers and further wilds. 

In the modern-day week's 6-reel sport things, Medusa Fortune and Glory completely has the right to be the exceptional recreation. Along these lines, select your self a unfastened flip these days! 

4. Riddle Museum by Push Gaming 

Finish up the cutting-edge week's experience with a go to through the gallery. A bizarre exhibition hall with lots of captivating things anticipates you to locate at the Mystery Museum. Push Gaming made an internet establishing recreation with a structure of 10 paylines and 5 reels. With genuine locales just as collectibles, the game is one of the most energizing games this week. Collector photos are protecting lower back to be made for brand spanking new winning mixes on all devices which you are utilizing with a web affiliation. 

The pics present within the Mystery Museum include Greek amphoras, Egyptian symbolic representations, caps, Viking runes, and Samurai veils. Specifically, the Samurai cowl is a wild picture and is answerable for supplanting every single different photograph. It likewise is going approximately as a disperse photo. You can provoke the loose video games spotlight as soon as you have got gathered more than one symbols at the reels. 

The Mystery Stack pictures are an high-quality image. It could show up anywhere to fill the reels. In loose games, this photograph likewise seems to discover the paying images. 

The most extremely good detail of the Mystery Museum is the Power Gambler include. This is the maximum latest element of Push Gaming that encourages you to twofold your odds of prevailing. You can get an opportunity to collect 100x your sum and initiate the free twists reward proper away. 

Attempt the Mystery Museum opening from the supplier of Push Gaming today to have the choice to win outstanding chances! check out site

Above is a rundown of the nice new games this week. You can attempt these energizing video games these days with the unfastened demo form available on Gogbetsg Joker123. This online casino Singapore will furnish you with the maximum proper and brief highlights to help you with having the best knowledge! Expectation you will have the choice to understand the fine when starting your enjoy this week.

sicbo-game (1)

What is Sicbo?

Sicbo is a game made up of three dice. The outcome of the game is based on the combination of numbers when the dealer throws three dice. Depending on the variation and the bet the player has, there are different payouts that range from 1: 1 to 180: 1. There are different combinations in Sicbo and these are summed up in one table. Sicbo is currently the most popular game for Singaporeans, at the casinos the number of people participating in Sicbo is extremely large.

Famous dice games at Singapore casinos online:

Not only appear at offline casinos, but dice also participate in online casinos and are widely accepted by players. Players not only participate in traditional Sicbo but also bet other variations of Sicbo, below is a list of variations and games made up of three dice, which are widely found at online casinos. Singapore.

  • Sicbo:

Is an ancient Chinese game. The dice combination is what determines each betting round. The dice will be put in a box, when the game starts, the box will be closed and the dealer will shake the box. After the dice are shaken and placed on the table, the player will see whether the result is Over or Under. After a round of prediction from the player, the bet is finished and the dice box will be opened to announce the result.

There will be two standard dice each, numbered 1 through 6 in order to participate in this game. The dice are designed so that when randomly dropped the combination of two dice is more likely than the other combinations. From here will show the odds of the game.

  • Chuck a Luck:

It's an impressive game made up of three dice. There will be a cage like an hourglass with three dice inside. This cage is structured with a spindle and it will be rotated many times by the dealer. The dice after being drawn will have a total drop of 3 to 18 and each dice will show from 1 to 6. The player will bet the number shown on the dice to be dropped. If the bet is correct, you will receive a stake.

  • Klondike:

This game has up to 5 dice. There will be one person rolling first dice and players who will then roll the dice in turn to beat the combination of the first dice shown. Only thrown once. There will be rules for ranking from high to low 1, 6,5,4,3 and 2. If it does not match the combination of numbers, it will be ignored.

Casino systems large and small:

Sicbo is made up of three dice and is divided into two main bets, Under and Over. Besides that there are still bets that are combined with these two main bets. Most of the casinos in Singapore, will be able to be a bet combined with any two numbers. Depending on the betting preferences of each player, it is possible that they will tend to pull or follow the flow when others follow the opposite trend. The player loses the bet if a dice results in a triple.

Sicbo table:

One of the things that players cannot help but know is the Sicbo table when participating in this game. As with all bets in Sicbo casino there is a detailed table showing the current stats, results, and bets available to the player. Between bets there will be different payouts from casino to casino.

  • Popular types of bets:

  • Big: a player wins the bet with a total of 11 to 17 minus three only

  • Small: player wins with a total amount of 4 to 10 in addition to three unique points

  •  Other types of bets:

  • Specific total

  • Any triple

  • Specific double

  • Specific triple

  • Single number

  • Three single die combination

  • Two dice combination

  • Odd

  • Even

How to play Sicbo at online casinos in Singapore:

As noted above, this game is made up of three dice and the player bets on the result of the roll. In order to play this game a player must first know how to read the table. New players may find this quite complicated and confusing, but it is necessary because it is easier to understand the table before the game takes place. There will be a Sicbo board displaying all the dice combinations as well as the game's betting information.

Table selection. Players have 2 options:

  • Play with the system: This is the majority of players who are new to Sicbo who want to try to get acquainted with Sicbo. The table at this time has only 2 people who are friends and the system, still apply the above rules and you must pay 5% of the winnings to the system.

  •  Play with others: When the experience is high and has enough potential to fight, you can set up a room to invite other players in and test both sides' prediction. The system will charge 3% of the winnings for each game

Place a bet :

  • You will have a certain betting time and the clock is printed with a countdown on the left corner of the screen

  • You can choose from many different types of bets, each time you select the bet, the box you want to place will be highlighted (bordered) with gold.

  • After selecting the category, the system will display a table of money for you to bet. There are 3 parts you have to fill are the face value, the odds or the bet amount (From 1 to the maximum amount you have), the last is the button to agree to bet as shown below.

  •  At the end of the betting time, the system starts to shake the dice and players will wait together for the result.

In addition, each player needs to own chips - betting equipment in Sicbo as well as other betting games. Each player has the right to bet more or less depending on the preference of each person. Players can freely choose different types of bets such as small, big, even, odd, triple, ... The dealer will pay after the game has been made and new bets will be started when the payments are made. math has been completed.

The winning strategy of Sicbo:

Of all the casino betting games Sicbo is the easiest to play. However, every game is the same, in order to achieve the highest results in the game, players need to know the tips of each game. Moreover, it is necessary to have a strategy every time you place bets. We have compiled strategies that are suitable for many players to deliver the highest betting results:

  • Have sufficient funds prepared, and at least have an amount many times the bet amount available. Just relying on this point, you don't have to worry about losing. This does not mean that if you have a lot of money, you will definitely win, but that you bet with the money under control, you will not lose too badly.

  • Find advantage, bet against the crowd. A lot of players win based on this approach. If you can find a way to "hit" the weak points of reputable bookmakers, your chances of winning will be very high.

  • Small loss big win. In the situation that you do not have too much capital and do not find an advantage, you should pay attention to this method of losing big and winning big. Until now, in any game, the odds of winning and losing are also 50:50, if you can lose small, win big, you will also make a lot of profit. For example, when you start betting 2, you win then you will continue to bet 1, then wait until the winning results are equal and you will collect the winnings at the end.

  • Extended cycle. There are players who have won a lot in 8 years, then still win. In fact, this is the cycle extension. Each bet is 1 time you can foster more experience for yourself. Using small amounts to win big is a good strategy. This Sicbo playing strategy can help you win regularly in Sicbo, but will not be very suitable for those with a career.

Casino online Sicbo in Singapore:

There are countless casinos that offer Sicbo games to users. Besides, when appearing online, Sicbo is more and more admired by players. Players who want to play Sicbo need to find reputable bookmakers who have a reputation in longtime online betting. Because this way the new player can comfortably bet and not worry about anything in the betting process. Not only the online version, just owning a phone with an internet connection, players can join Sicbo with a mobile form. Many attractive rewards are waiting for players.


Above are basic facts about Sicbo betting, its formation, its development, the rules of the game, the strategy and the different variations. Sicbo is growing stronger, players only need to make smart choices in betting, and the house can comfortably enjoy the game. There is also a lot of betting information on other games, players can view other news articles on the website. Thanks for watching.


According to the statistics, online casinos that offer online sportsbook generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year. Popular online sports betting Singapore that players can start betting on include the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Among the sports that are storming the world betting market, tennis betting through ITF, WTA, and ATP tournaments is one of the best games to try.

However, if you are a beginner and are wondering what bet you can use then this is the answer for you. The 5 best types below will definitely help you understand and analyze more carefully the types of bets you should use. Let's take a look around with us!

Top 5 Bet Types for Beginners

1. Money Line Betting

This is not a simple bet for beginners. Because money line betting is how players will bet on who will have the opportunity to win the game completely. If you use this method then make sure you have to calculate it carefully to be able to use it well.

For example, there are two players in the match, called A and B. The money line of A is -200 and the money line of B is +140. This means that B is the underdog while A is the favorite. if you bet on A then you need to bet $200 to save $100 to win. In case you bet on B $ 100, you will have a chance of getting $140 if B wins.

A beginner often thinks that this method is too simple and easy. But actually, this kind of bet is not as simple as that. Because you can face a lot of risks with a large amount of money that you are willing to spend to get a worthy profit.

However, money line betting is one of the easiest ways to bet on a tennis match. All you need to do is create a suitable plan, detail and bet completely on the player you think will win. As such, you can avoid any risks that you may face when participating in online tennis betting.

2. Set Betting

Compared to money line betting, this is a type of bet that requires more complexity. When using this method, you not only bet on a player who is sure to win but also bet on how many sets the player will win.

For example, for set betting, the odds will appear as follows:

- Roger Federer 2-0 +250

- Roger Federer 2-1 +220

- Novak Djokovic 2-0 +120

- Novak Djokovic 2-1 +150

As we have seen, the score of 2-0 or 2-1 is the match ratio that the players win. You will have to choose a player that can win 2 sets to 1 or 2 sets to none. This type of bet requires the player to select an accurate result, so players will usually find better odds than betting the winning player as soon as the game starts.

The payouts are attached to money lines, so you can get $ 120 for every $ 100 bet if you bet on Djokovic to win 2-0.

According to the rules of the Grand Slam tournament, for men’s matches are best-of-five sets, while women’s matches are best-of-three sets. Therefore, for men's matches, you will have more chances to bet than women and may get more results.

3. Set Spread Betting

Every sport has a common way to bet. by betting through the spreads and fixed-odds a team can get to beat an opponent. If that's the way you're familiar, keep betting on wagering set spreads.

When using this method, the underdog will be defeated by the favored player according to the number of targets set. So, right from the start of the tournament and start to bet think about what is an underdog.

4. Game Spread Betting

Unlike other bet types, you have to thoroughly understand this bet as well as have basic knowledge of tennis. If a player can win from games 1 to 6, he will win a set. However, to be able to secure victory, they need to win at least two sets. therefore, if the result is 6-5 then the winner needs to move to game 7 and win 7-5. then, the new player is counted as completely winning. in the case of a tie 6-6. the player who can win in game 7 will be the winner in that set.

Game spread betting is like setting spread betting. The only difference is that betting is based on the number of games. Meanwhile, the underdog must be defeated and the favorite win must be greater than the number of games already available.

5. Over / Under Number of Games Played

Unlike other bet types, for this bet type, the player does not need to consider which player wins or loses in a match. Basically, an online sports betting game requires a line for the combined number of games to be able to complete the match successfully.

After that, you will have to choose the type of under or over a number of games for which the games are predefined. Accurate and accepted scores after a match end with a winning player being 6-3 and 7-5. Therefore, all the number of games the player has is 21.

If the result of predetermined over/under on the number of games played is 20.5, you will win if you select Over while you will lose if you choose Under.


Above are some bet types that beginners should dig into. Hopefully, you can apply this information to online tennis betting and win big. Please choose a reputable dealer to have the safest and wonderful experience. Online casino Singapore Bet88sg is one of the top online sports betting options that you can try. Good luck!

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