Slots Players Cheat In 12 Ways

One of the most profitable things is the slot machine. Although this is a mechanical game, it has the greatest cheating ability, more than the cheats on classical betting tables.

One of the simple reasons that slot is the game becomes the target of cheating by many people because the money earned from the slot is the most and has the largest jackpot payment. Through this article We will give players some tricks that have been used a lot in the past, and they apply play online slots Singapore:


1 Cheat Code:

As the gambling industry grows, so does every aspect of betting. Besides the games, there are programs designed to ensure betting activities are accurate and fair.

During the game, players and games are always monitored by the design engineers, seeing how the quality of the game and machines provide gameplay. However, it is these same engineers who are able to use their knowledge to adjust the machine and gamble to their advantage. A prime example of this type of code fraud is that of Ronald Dale Harris, who is an engineer for the Nevada Game Commission. Thanks to his ability to know the source code, he cheated and won big at the casino for up to $ 100,000 with just a keno game in 1995. Soon after, he was quickly discovered.

12 Sneaky Ways To Cheat At Slots

2 Shaved Coins:

Along with the development of technology are slot machines that are also starting to use lighting to sign up for payments. However, in some machines the way they work is not the same. Some large machines of optical sensors operate separately from physical comparators.

That is why when the shaved coins are sent down at the same time with another object that matches the shape and size of the coin, that coin is returned when the other object falls into the machine, and then the device starts playing.

3 Fake Coins:

This form of fraud with counterfeit money started with an artist named Louis Colavecchio. He used a false amount of money for his own betting activities and until 1998, was discovered and arrested until 2006 he was released. But once he was free, he did not repent and started cheating again.


4 Magnet:

It is difficult for players to cheat a magnet gambling machine since they are all programmed by computer software and are magnets but not magnetic. However, these applications refer to newer devices. That's why many crooks use magnets on old machines, machines made of metal.

Describe a little about how to cheat at old machines. The player spins the reel in conjunction with using a magnet placed outside for the purpose of preventing the spin when he or she finds himself victorious. The player will then remove the magnet and request a payment. This is exactly the way a gambler uses fraud or application.

Although using magnets is not the most sophisticated way of cheating, it is also a good way because it can easily make a lot of fish tables

5 Yo-Yo:

This is a type of technical fraud.

First there will be a string of coins attached. The coins will go to the machine and help the machine activate, the game will start as soon as afterwards. Then, instead of buying another coin and using the player, you can bring the coin that has just been put back in and out using the chain. This technique is really like a classic that makes players can win big in a casino if they know and do it the right way.


6 Light Wand:

In the gambling world, no one knows Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He is also the creator of the light wand - a device used to cheat in gambling.

The wand Tommy Glenn Carmichael created as a miracle. And he used it to win many jackpots. Just like some miracle, he controlled the slot machines and turned it to his advantage. It was the wand he created that dims the optical sensor on slot machines. And the player will not know how many coins have been deposited, so he will not know how to pay. His fraudulent victories, though not so great, will often result in huge payouts.

7 Piano Wire:

In 1982, a man worked at a casino in Atlantic City. He turned on the slot machine and attached a 20-inch piano string into the bowel of the machine. It was that wire that jammed the game during operation, and the dial gauge also got jammed. The amount of betting that the player won thanks to this fraud up to $ 50,000, but fortunately the participants of this scam were arrested before hugging the escape money.

8 Top- Bottom Joint:

If the player asks what is the most cunning method of the methods, the answer is Top-Bottom Joint. This method was popular at slot machines and was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

The fraudster worked hard to understand and divide the special device into two parts: the top and the bottom. By cheating the bottom of the coin chute and through the slot of the coin will jam the machine and the game will release all the coins that the machine is holding. Such a simple way but bring no small results.


9 Monkey Paw:

Carmichael once again launched a new invention, but it was a fraudulent invention in gambling. He was the one who created the Monkey paw after experimenting several times on the game and he had the most perfect solution. Though simple, the results were truly unexpected.

Only by a guitar string is attached to a tubular type rod. He then inserted it inside the machine through the steam vents and threaded it until he touched the switch to activate the money hopper. The switch activated means a coin battle will flow out.check out site

10 Bill Validator Device:

Fraudsters use a small device and wrap them around an invoice to fool the gaming machine that it is accepting an invoice. The fake bill is about the same size as $ 100. While true it corresponds only to $ 1. This scam was invented at a bar in Nevada by two people named Billy-Joe and Fuzz.

11 Conpumter Chip Replacement:

To create this fraud method, Dennis Nikrasch spent money to buy a real slot machine and put it in the garage and research. After a while, he created the computer chip inside the machine and reprogrammed the operation and all operations of the machine in the prize-paying utility, especially the jackpot.

It can be said that this is an investment fraud. After editing and attaching a chip to the betting machine. Dennis Nikrasch has hired a team of scammers, who will hold betting machines and commit fraud for years in a row. All the independent chips in the betting machine were exchanged and turned into chips he manipulated.

12 Software Glitch: 

Although casinos are organized out of scale, many players attend and have modern machinery system. Sometimes when a player wins, the awarding software will have a problem and the system will report "software malfunction".

Many cases of players winning but not getting paid and the incident last because the software has a problem. This malfunction has been manipulated by fraudsters and they last for decades. Players may confuse the machine and cause some problems when participating in the game's equity model.


There are countless numbers of frauds to talk about. Because in any industry, it has its bad side, let alone an industry that can make as much money as betting. Above are 12 ways created by fraudulent gamblers, and spread to the ears of many people. Although knowing that it is not advisable, there are still many gamblers who follow the above ways with the desire to make more money. Be a sober, honest and intelligent player!
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